St Brigid’s Robe

St.Brigids Robe - Bronze Sculpture Ireland | Irish Sculpture | Cast Bronze
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Cast Bronze

Edition of 8

Height: 42 x 53 x 35cm

Brigid decided to build a convent in Kildare., she found a place that would be ideal for her new convent. However, the land belonged to the King of Leinster. Brigid met the King of Leinster and a band of horsemen returning from a hunt, she approached the king and told him she needed land. He asked her how much she needed, and Brigid replied that all she asked for was the amount her cloak would cover. Amused by this strange request, the King agreed, and she laid her cloak on the ground. To his amazement, the cloak grew and spread until it covered the rich, green acres we know today as The Curragh of Kildare. This area is also known as St. Brigid’s Pastures.”